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If you are looking to buy vodka AK-47 in a rifle-shaped bottle which comes
with a box and serial number on this bottle like clock...

Yes, I can get it for you - but it'll be expensive.

I reside in Russia, in the city of Izhevsk (where Kalashnikov was born) and this kind of vodka can be bought down here - but the problem is I cannot ship alcohol to abroad of Russia, law of almost all foreign countries (inc. US and UK) does not permit alcohol to cross their borders by mail.

I can send the empty bottle, but - it's impossible to find empty one - people buy these for the purpose...I will have to buy full bottle and get rid of vodka (and I don't drink vodka).

Current price of the AK47 shaped bottle in the display case (looking like a gun crate) in local shops is 3500 rubles (about $133).

The package will weight about 7 kg (about 14 lbs)
Shipping costs: $92 (airmail, about 2 weeks).

I will charge $40 for my time.

Empty AK-47 shaped vodka in wooden crate: $133
Shipping: $92 (air mail)
Extra for the service: $40
Total: $265

I can accept money from abroad only by Western Union Money Transfer (or Moneygram Money Transfer).