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The Kalashnikov Museum Virtual Tour: Part 10 - a study of Kalashnikov Vodka featured at military Museum of Mikhail Kalashnikov, the designer of AK-47

Pic.10-1 Promo poster of Vodka Kalashnikov advertising campaign.
One could buy a bottle of Kalashnikov Vodka and submit the tax mark
off the bottle for lottery drawing, the main prize was Russian car VAZ 2110
(colloquially known as simply "the 10"), hence the ad slogan: "Hit the 10!"

Museum of Kalashnikov. Pic.10-1 Promo poster of Vodka Kalashnikov advertising campaign.

The designer is often asked why he agreed to grant his name to a vodka brand ?

Kalashnikov says:

"I'm very cautious then it comes to my name usage. Then I was first time asked to allow naming local brand of vodka after me I was strongly against it. Mass media wouldn't hesitate to blame me in mass killing with vodka in addition to mass killing with AK-47s.

However, authorities of Udmurt Republic finally talked me into granting the permission - the key argument was that it's going to be premium vodka as simple and reliable as my assault rifle. By God, I'd been resisting hard - but I gave up in the end."

"By the way," - adds Kalashnikov, "do you know what it's mandatory to add a shot of vodka to pot of ukha (trad. Russian fish soup) in order to cook real good one ?"

Vodka Kalashnikov has been produced in Russia by "Liquor and Vodka Distillery "Glazovsky" (Glazovsky distillery OJSC) in Glazov, Udmurt Republic.

Glazovsky distillery works under control of the Government of Udmurt Republic. The distillery was established in 1900 and preserves and develops further the traditions of alcohol manufacture.

The exclusive rights to produce, bottle, distribute and sale vodka Kalashnikov is based on commercial agreements with Mikhail Kalashnikov. The agreement was signed by both Parties in 1998 and is valid for the period of 30 years.

Vodka produced by Glazovsky distillery is bottled to different forms of glass. There is a world-wide agreement to distribute and sale original Russian vodka in special bottle looking as Kalashnikov rifle that has been transferred to International Company VRQ.

Glazovsky distillery holds patents, designs, logos and registered trade marks for vodka Kalashnikov. International trade mark was registered by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 19 countries.



  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka
  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka
  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka

   Kalashnikov Vodka: Black picture
   Comes in 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 liter


  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka
  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka
  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka

   Gunsmith Vodka
   Comes in 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75,
1.0, 3.0 liter



  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka
  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka
  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka

   Kalashnikov Vodka: Black label
   Comes in 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0 liter


  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka
  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka
  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka

   Kalashnikov Vodka: Green Picture
   Comes in 0.75 liter only



  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka
  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka
  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka
  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka
  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka
  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka

Kalashnikov Vodka: 80th Anniversary set

Comes with 0.75L bottle of Kalashnikov Vodka (Green picture, grenade form), glossy illustrated book with lots of exclusive Kalashnikov / AK-47 fotos, box and case.


  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka
  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka
  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka

Kalashnikov Vodka: 85th Anniversary set

Comes in two packages:
1) 0.75L bottle of Kalashnikov Vodka 85th ann. special edition solely
2) 0.75L bottle of Kalashnikov Vodka 85th ann. special edition packaged with "Trajectory of Destiny" book by Kalashnikov.


  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka
  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka
  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka

   AK-47 Vodka: clear bottle
   Comes in 0.5 and 0.75 liter bottles.



Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka

Kalashnikov Vodka: Glass rifle
AK-47 Vodka: Glass rifle

Despite the packaging is look-alike, the vodka poured in these bottles is different in taste. In a short while AK-47 Vodka will be bottled in different shape.
Volume of each bottle is 1.0 L.

A note to our visitors:
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here is the answer: ok, if you really want it, I can get it for you. Please read what it takes to get an ak47-shaped bottle of vodka in a gun box display case.


And, finally, glasses. While there are no specific prohibitions against drinking vodka out of soup bowls or espresso cups, certain rules of decor apply. The keyword is purity: a thick glass, hand-washed (no scented dish liquid, please). Capacity, 50g (1.5 ounces). In Russia, such shotglasses are known as stopkas.


  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka
  Kalashnikov vodka | AK-47 Vodka

   Shot glasses (stopkas)
for Kalashnikov Vodka.

Ah, sorry, we almost forgot about toasts.

Unlike champagne, vodka requires no operatics. What it does require is a toast and a clinking of glasses. (Caution: a toast is not a roast, American-style.)

Then drinking vodka with friends, Kalashnikov's favorite toast is "Let our children grow up in peace".

Good one, isn't it ?